My website is redirecting to old sub domain address


I have recently switched from a sub-domain to a real .com address but it keeps bringing me back to when I type in my new address
It also says this: Website is no longer available.
The authors have deleted this site.
Start your website.

Please help. Thanks.


Sometimes it is just a blank white screen.


Hi @Steve.ja.macleod!

The problem was from Wordpress. Technically you should’ve went to WP Config > Settings > General and change all URLs to but I thought that was impossible because the website was keep redirecting you to the old address.

Therefore, I have fixed this problem from MySQL database directly :wink:


Clear your browser cache, eventually restart it and try again. Your website is loading fine now.


@Steve.ja.macleod Your website loads fine here.

@NGiNX Fixed it. :wink:


So weird, cleared cached and still getting white screen. Thank you for the help. Im sure it is something I have to do now. I’ll figure it out. Thanks again.


Flush your dns and then try again and use google dns.
This will solve your issue.


Restarting the browser will definitely fix the problem :wink:


I had restarted the browser and my computer. Flushing DNS did the trick. Thanks guys.