My Website Is Sleeping Due to "Violation of Terms"


Hi. My website url is : acfeiwebdesign
I believe because of my wordpress plugins, wordpress may have used more resources than available.
Therefore, my website has been assigned a “sleeping state.” I have scoured the forum for a solution to this problem and the only one I have found is posting my own issue. I would be really grateful for any help. Thank you


If it is of any use, here is an image of the current dashboard. Capture


Your site simply exceeded resources allocated, the site should be online again. If it happens again then you may have to upgrade to Hostinger to resolve the issue or seek alternative free hosting


Thank you. I actually thought that it was suspended.


We have forwarded to our developers the idea of a proper display message whether the website is suspended for good or because it has temporarily exceeded the limits. Currently if your website is suspended more than 24 hours it means it my be blocked due to the violation of our Terms of Service.


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