My website is still in sleeping phase even after 1 hour



My site has been sleeping for over 1 hour and it is still inactive. How can I resolve this?



And Now? :slight_smile:


It is working. Can I do anything to stop it happening again?


Well, sometimes it happens to take more than 30minutes for the website to wake up :sunny:


Same thing seems to be happening again tonight.


Allow 30 additional minutes :smile:


The company does advertise sleep for 1 hour not 1:30 or 2:00 as it really seems to be.


It sleeps when you choose but there are system issues sometimes.


If your sleep time is 6am

Then at 6am a system job will be added to the queue [sleep websitename]

However if there is a large queue of jobs already processing then it will be added to the queue and processed when possible, so you might notice your site might not start sleeping until 6:12am or even as late as 7:12am depending on how big the queue is.

The same for when your site is to resume - i.e. if the sleep time was 6am and system is running up to date then 7am [unsleep websitename]

Then the job again is added to the queue so if the queue is empty and fine - then 7am your site will be back online, but if the queue is huge again like I said - it might be 7:16am your site resumes or it could be 8:12am.

The system is still currently in testing and we are making changes to improve the service all of the time - so you’ll have to bear with us in that regards.

The best choice is to choose a sleep time when you don’t need your site i.e. I don’t expect my pupils to be accessing the class “intranet” I have set up so I sleep at 1am and it usually resumes 2am - but if there is an issue it doesn’t really matter as long as it resumes before 8:30am for the pupils to login :slight_smile:

Only an example.