My website isn't opening


Hi there. I was last updating my website yesterday, and today when I tried to log in to admin and View the website, it just simply doesn’t open. It says server dropped the connection, both on laptop and mobile. I am trying to open for the last 30 minutes. I am using Wordpress and free 000webhost, it always worked well. Yesterday I just added a page, nothing else. Please help!

Thank you.


Screenshots would be appreciated :slight_smile:


After checking, the database seems to be overloaded with requests.
I recommend you wait an hour and reply if it works again :slight_smile:


@ckhawand ohh I see. Will wait then. Thank you :slight_smile:


@ckhawand I have just tried it. Still not opening.


Added to the devs checklist.
This should be checked on Monday :slight_smile:


Uhmmm ok…need to do some work. ok Ill wait then. Thank you :slight_smile:


Sorry, the devs do not work the weekend.
Thank you for understanding :slight_smile:


I believe your WordPress powered site is facing an issue with rate limiting - give it a few hours to cool down and hopefully your site opens again :slight_smile:

For more information check:

; please ignore any suspension emails :slight_smile:


Hi, thank you. I just tried logging in and this is what came

Not sure what is happening…


Also this


A few hours later, the database is working again :slight_smile:


Hi everyone…thank you for your assistance. The website is on now. All is working fine. Not sure why it happened, but hope it does not happen again :slight_smile:

Thank you again.

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