My website shows "The authors have deleted this site"


My website is:

As you will see, it’s showing my old version data. When I connect to, it shows that " The authors have deleted this site."?!?
I trie to re-upload my index.html file by FileZilla many times, the status showed “successful” but when I connected to my website again, it still shows the old version (for and the notification (for chloechannel).

I don’t understand what’s going on with my website. It’s even not the same…

Can you give me a hand, please?
Many thanks.


Working fine here :slight_smile:


Thank you :heart:

It’s working with
But is still in the old version.
And is still “The authors have deleted this site”.

I have parked it like the instruction but it still doesn’t work

Did I do something wrong?


Can you please try pointing your website via a CNAME record? :slight_smile:


Try one if those tutorials