My website shuts down for 30 minutes every hour


Hello. I recently made a site, but my website keeps shutting down. Every hour, my site turns off and after half an hour, it turns back on. Then, after another half and hour, it turns off and this repeats. I understand the sleeping cycle, but mine is turned on earlier and it shouldn’t last as long. I’ve tried deleting plugins (I use a Wordpress site), troubleshooting, and more. Can anyone help? Any suggestions? Thanks! (site:



So what are the official numbers of minutes/hours that my site will be down per day? Is there any way to lower/remove this amount?


Sleep time 1 hour per day you’ll see a note in place of your site.

Rate limiting comes into affect after you reach your database limits.

This in turn will make WordPress or any database script cease to work therefore you will experience various browser errors.

Remove any heavy themes or plugins and with small traffic WP should run fine; if you find the limits too confining then Hostinger could be the solution


I haven’t used all of my storage, as far as I know. I looked at my storage (in 000webhost) and the most if said was 80%. How do I know how much storage I’ve used and if my wordpress site won’t turn off because I’ve used too much? Thanks


Not storage it’s database requests there isn’t a statistic you can view for that currently.


Ok, thanks- any suggestions for lowering my database so that the shutdowns don’t occur?


@MattH44 Having only a few necessary plugins could lower the database connections. Plugins also connect to the database so having a few of them could be beneficial


That’s the thing- I only have a few, necessary, plugins. I’ve deleted unnecessary themes and I still don’t know what else I can do. Are we sure it has to do with database issues? Because my site is still available every 30-60 minutes. Thanks.


I wasn’t saying generally that it was because of plugins but it is among. And if you are getting traffic then it will occasionally go down because it will be exceeding max database connections.

How many plugins do you have?


I have around 8 plugins, all necessary to get better speed for my website.


Could try that and turn all the settings down/off


Ok, thanks. I’ll try that out and I’ll let you know what the results are after.