My Website Sleeping- Abuse account suspended - HIGH OVerload


No problem. Ill be here. :smiley:


Oh and by the way. They will fix your website :relaxed:. But if you are still concerned about loosing your data you can download it from the file manager :grinning:.


i tried but its refus to connect, its happen , because they also suspend my account


that’s rare :confused:, what’s your website about?


Server overload? :confused: Was your website getting unusual traffic amount?


i am getting daily 80k+ visitors :disappointed:


i can do this, later, right now, i am worried about my website data and,visitors, i earn handsome amout with my site, today its $0 dollar,


Don’t worry they’ll get it back :grinning:. But I recommend as soon as gaining access to your site, adding it to cloudflare.


No problem :slight_smile:


All of the staff are offline :cry:. But they’ll fix it tomorrow or later :grinning:.


If you are having 80k+ visitors, then I recommend you upgrade to a premium plan as you are limited to 10GB of bandwith here :slight_smile:


I was wrong, He’s online


yes i am planning to upgrade but its takes 1 month becuse my payment will come next month from google adsense , for now, please resolve it sir


Okay, so you’ll be upgrading by 1st of August?
If so, I’ll unsuspend your account :slight_smile:


hello sir, i want to comment this on that thread but my daily 23 comment has been reached :frowning:

yes please sir, i will Thanks For understanding me :slight_smile:


Done, I have unsuspended your website :slight_smile:
You have till 2nd of August to upgrade :wink:


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