My website still sleeping after an hour


Hi, first of all great work on 000webhoost. I have a problem my website is still sleeping after 1 hours. My website default sleep time was for the 6:00 AM ( GMT-4) but it’s 8:29 (GMT-4) and my website is still sleeping. Can anyone help me out here. My website url is

This is the time in my time zone as you can see already have passed 2 hours and 32 minutes.

the timezone is taken from here


Hmm, i think maybe 000webhost is having some problems.


Now my website is awake. :slight_smile: but I don’t know why it sleep three hours ? :confused:. It would be nice if some of the administrators can tell me why. :wink:


@mantas.daraciunas please have a look


Dear @kiri_23,
I am so sorry for this inconvenience.
000webhost experienced some issues today. We were working hard and fixed the problems. We will continue to work hard to make sure this does not happen again.


Dont worry keep doing great job :grinning: