unsafe warning!


as the above image…how to fix the unsafe warning issue??


You can’t use “https” for free subdomain…like “”.
But you can use “https” for * domain names.(because of shared ssl)

or grab a free domain from ( and use cloudflare for ssl.

Hope this makes you clear.


Can I use a free SSL certificate on a free domain?


@LeonLaci Yes you can.
Check this tutorial,


It means that if I pay to become a platinum member, still can’t use "https: for ??

if I still need to use… how can I reach it?


There is NO option for HTTPS on free subdomains from

There is FREE HTTPS on 000webhostapp domains.

There is FREE HTTPS via CloudFlare and free domains from elsewhere like

There is no sense in having HTTPS on a free subdomain from 000webhost - you will never own the free subdomain and it may be taken out of service at any time.
Just do not use HTTPS - use plain old HTTP.