Mysql database error Mesage


Dear ooowebhost , Whenever i tryed to load a new wordpress website i would see this error

Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress.

I don’t have a site with you yet but when i did a got this error and this was after setting it up with my domain . this error don’t just happen here but on other hosting services i’ve tested as well . So thought i would let you all no

Michael Werner
Huntsville Al.


Thanks can you provide any screenshots or information to how you tried installed WordPress?

I’ve used the autoinstaller and I’ve manually installed it and both work fine on tonight?


here is a screen shot

#4 is a different host yes?


the screen shot is from another hosting service but the same error happens hear when i use my own domain


If you have any screenshots of it happening on 000webhost I’d be happy to investigate.



was able to use the domain but if i use my own a get the error when i try to point it


Can you show error? Sorry.




as you can see by the pictures when you try to add a parked domain all you get is a waiting for namesevers message


@hamradiotv1 Sometimes nameservers takes time to fully propagate.
Just try after sometime.
Meanwhile hit “Manage” – “Recheck Nameserevs”.(Try this.)


You are using NS01.000WEBHOST.COM AND NS02.000WEBHOST.COM yes?
As in zero zero zero 000 numbers?

When I did a check it says you are using OOO oh oh oh letters :stuck_out_tongue:





So you have parked your domain. And i also see that your wordpress website is working fine.

Also change the site and wordpress url to your domain name from wordpress general settings.
You need to use only “http” not “https”.


@hamradiotv1 See there is no error like "Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress."
Wordpress installed successfully.


If you change your website address in wordpress the whole website crashes and you have to start all over. as this happened to me when i tried this