MYSQL error with xenforo

Hello i have a problem with xenforo and my database, when i say my information and i click in Test & Generate Configuration he say ProxySQL Error: Access denied for user ‘id8561609_xenforo’@‘2a02:4780:bad:f00d::10’ (using password: YES)

Make sure your database name and password are correct.
You can find your database in cpanel>>manage database>>Db_name and if you’re unsure about password then you can change it by clicking on database>>change password.

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Check the server name under the databases section too, as it looks like your error includes an IP. I’ve seen cases before where quoting the IP can cause some systems to block the access as it sees them as remote access attempts.

Assuming your database section states “localhost” as the server, type “localhost” in your code of xenforo configuration.


my password is good but he they again ProxySQL Error: Access denied for user ‘id8561609_xenforo’@‘2a02:4780:bad:f00d::10’ (using password: YES)

my name server was good and i have add localhost in configuration of xenforo

If you get

**ProxySQL Error: Access denied for user ‘id8561609_xenforo’@‘2a02:4780:bad:f00d::10’ (using password: YES)**

Then try simply logging into

If again you get bad password error you then know it is the password - reset via Manage Database > Manage > Change Password

i already try this and it doesn’t work

What error do you get when logging into phpmyadmin?

Please drop your 000site address, a mod will take a look manually :slight_smile:

i don’t have any error in phpmyadmin

Hi there, so have you installed it already?

If you haven’t and you are trying to install then it is likely to not work on the free plan.

I had quick look

It appears it won’t install due to rate limiting.

So as per previous post

Xenforo uses more resources than our free plans can handle. Please use another Forum System or consider buying a paid plan.

ok ty but i don’t want buy a paid plan

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