MySQL loading failure in opencart installation


When I am trying to install a opencart (with custom theme embedded), MySQL can’t be loaded that I can’t complete the pre-installation. However, when I was installing the original version of opencart 2.3.0, it was fine. Any ideas on this? How to solve?


Hi @shella!

Please lower your PHP and try again: 000webhost cPanel > Settings > General > Change PHP version > 5.6

Also, do you receive any errors during the installation? Please post them here.


Thanks. I’ve tried, and I am able to proceed to complete the configuration. However, I am then not able to access the website nor the admin site at all. It is said that “The website cannot display the page”. Still not work.


What is the website in question?


My web going to be hosted in 000webhost. Not able to access the website and the admin site.

You may take a look:


After 2 minutes of loading I received the following error:

Warning: require(/storage/ssd3/520/2255520/public_html/catalog/language/english/module/pavmegamenu.php): failed to open stream: No such device in /storage/ssd3/520/2255520/public_html/system/library/language.php on line 21

Please reset your website and try to install OpenCart again, under PHP 5.6.


Have just tried accordingly. Sill doesn’t work. Unable to access the webpage and admin site after installation.


Hey @shella

Is your site working better now? Press CTRL+F5 for full webpage refresh.