Naked Domain Problem with Cloudflare SSL


Hi Everyone.
I am using wordpress with 000webhost with no issue but after using cloudflare, i’m bit of stuck.

I have created 2 naked & www CNAME in Cloudflare DNS both are pointing to 000webhost,
I have turned off cloud CDN for adding domain name in 000webhost and i have succeeded to add domain name in 000webhost. Now I have turned On CDN for only www cname and also using Page Rule “Always HTTPS”.
Whenever I turn on the rule my naked domain goes down.
I have turned on CDN for Naked domain too but it causing same issue.

Please suggest me some advice.


What is the domain? The page rule shouldn’t cause any issues.


Domain Name is


It seems the orange cloud is not turned on. Can you please do so and turn on the page rule?


Yes I have turned off orange cloud over Naked domain only and turned off page rule too right now.
Ok I am going to turn on orange cloud on Naked domain and page rule too.
Give me few seconds.


Can you send me a PM with your Cloudflare login details? I will login and fix the problem.


I have turned on both Right now.

And my naked domain went down.

Please help me here, so that I can understand the problem rather then fixing issue on your hand.


But to understand the problem I need to login and see what you have set, then make modifications to fix it. I have sent you a PM, just reply there.