NameCheap Domain Setup, Help!


So basically, I have made a simple homepage for my forums which was originally my main domain with www. instead of forum. . So I switched my forums to fourm. instead of www and then I wanted to set the homepage I made on 00webhost to my main www domain. So I did this.

The forum one works fine but the 00webhost one throws this error at me


What you’re doing is creating CNAME records, contact Namecheap support and tell them the name servers, and they will tell you how to change them.


Will that affect my other sub domains though?


Yes, in that case you will want to use CNAME record.

Remove your site in the 000webhost panel by clicking manage > delete
Then in Namecheap add the record below for CNAME

@ points to

Replace yoursite with your 000webhostapp URL

Then add it by using the third option when adding the domain

For more help click here