NameServers help


I don’t know lot about NameServers, but i want add 3 and i dont know how,
I want to forward number IP to subdomain example(123.123 to is buyed domain on 000webhost.
Can you help me with adding nameservers, thanks in advance


Two nameservers required for using your domain on 000webhost, if you purchased the domain here you won’t need to set them thankfully.


Do you mean you want to add like to be set to a game server IP?


yeah thats what i want


Any help? Is possible to replace game ip with subdomain? :smiley:


Can you screenshot your registrar settings?


Where i can find it? :smiley:


Hi @RealBalkanRP!

Your registrar is the company from which you have bought the domain.


Freenom by any chance?


I bought from 000webhost (Hostinger)


What you want is to modify some records in DNS area. It should be possible, however I don’t know the entire procedure for Hostinger based domains. I offer support only for 000webhost.

Please contact Hostinger Support and ask them for DNS related issues. :slight_smile: