Nameservers pointing to 000webhost but domain won't park!

Hi there!

I have the free version of 000webhost (not premium) and I am trying to link it to a custom domain that I bought on hostinger. I’ve done this successfully with another website, but somehow it won’t work now.
My 000webhost URL is The custom URL is

Here are some screenshots showing that the nameservers definitely point to 000webhost.

Here is what 000webhost looks like when I first try to park it. Whenever I’ve tried this, I get an email stating that the nameservers aren’t pointing to 000webhost. :disappointed_relieved:

I would really appreciate any help figuring out what may be wrong. I feel like I’ve been going in circles triple-checking that everything is pointing to the right thing. Thank you!

Can you change nameservers to and, then save.
Then place the 000webhost ones back and save again.
When I do a Dig Check it says no nameservers found for some reason.

Infinity! Sorry if I’m breaking some rule by posting something unrelated to the topic but I tried several times creating a new topic and didn’t succeed. I need help with my website wich i can’t unarchive. The website is

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That website you’ve listed was removed along with the owning account


As far as my checks reveal that account in total was removed and deleted for user inactivity which in turn deleted all websites under it.

Users must remain active to continue on the free learning platform - you must login once per month to control panel to avoid inactive user deletion. Logging into FTP or your website control panel. i.e. wp-admin does not count and your site/account will be deleted if you do not login to regularly.

Users who don’t login regularly to the 000webhost control panel to confirm active learner status are deleted automatically per inactive user policy.

Users are responsible for regular backups as agreed upon signup and the terms of service state we do not accept responsibility for data loss, any loss of files would be the fault of the user for not regularly backing up as required.

You can create a brand new account using a reputable email address provider and create a new 000webhostapp URL with alternative naming as deleted subdomains are blacklisted by policy and cannot be reused.

Upgrading will not bring any data back and it will not allow you to use the same 000webhostapp URL.

Ensure to take future regular backups along with remaining active on the 000webhost control panel to avoid inactivity deletion.

Further information to backing up your website / data can be found on the community forum.

Saw your response yesterday and tried it - 000webhost still says it’s waiting for the nameservers but hopefully it works.

I’ve checked with Hostinger panel and it seems to be setup correctly, please ignore the other domain it should be removed soon I only did a search for the domain and the panel for some reason has it displayed asking for registration information although it has not been purchased. Hopefully Hostinger team will resolve promptly.

Something weird happened - I checked the “Set web address” page again and suddenly a new domain called showed up - it says “waiting payment”. It showed up randomly when I refreshed the page. It’s also on my hostinger account now.

Here’s the hostinger page showing the nameservers pointing to 000webhost. If you aren’t finding any nameservers, is there something else that’s wrong?

Hi there, see above and ignore the new domain and await Hostinger reply

Hopefully Hostinger will resolve the issue or contact the .XYZ registry to see what is going on

So Hostinger have replied with a solution.
Believe it or not the domain is suspended outwith Hostinger control :frowning:

Their reply which you’ll note on your hPanel as well.

Thanks for the update!

I would like to let you know that the serverHold status is set on the registry’s part. After receiving the status, the domain is no longer included to DNS zone files, so is not responding (displays DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error). The reason behind this is usually a complaint from the trademark owner, sending spam or malware/deceptive content on the website.

You can see the status of your domain on this page: XYZ Domains Lookup . As you can see, your domain was suspended due to abuse :

As the status is set by the higher authority, it cannot be removed on our part. No worries, it’s still possible, let me guide you through the process!

  1. Open this link and run a check for your domain;
  2. Make sure that your website no longer contains the abusive content;
  3. Click on Request Review;
  4. Fill the contact form.

As the further check is done by third-party, I cannot tell how long it takes, but for most cases, the question is fully solved in a few days :blush:

As soon as the domain is unsuspended by the registry, it will be available in a few hours, you can watch the activation progress on this page.

I hope this case is solved quickly and your site is back online in no time!

Let me know if you have any additional questions!

I have checked the blacklists and I can’t personally find your website listed on any of them, so not sure how to proceed so I submitted a removal ticket for you, hopefully you’ll have an update within 24 hours.

Oh that’s so weird. I never even got a chance to use that domain or put anything on it. :frowning: It’s been giving me this problem since I first got it.

Thank you for your help and I’ll follow the steps that hostinger provided.

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