Não consigo criar um novo site

olá boa tarde, eu acabo de criar uma conta webhost e não estou conseguindo criar um site porque já existem dois sites que não foram criados por mim. Como devo proceder?

Good day!

Please change your Account password immediately. Change your email password as well if you feel to.

Then remove the unnecessary websites and start over :slight_smile:

Hi there @GeraldaSilva I can see the IP address you are using to access the forum today was the one that has accessed the hosting account and created the websites, maybe you didn’t know you created them or someone in your household using your computer created them? The website names are randomly generated on the free platform if you don’t pick one.

Let me know if you’ve any more issues or need the account / email as well deleted altogether if you’ve no plans to use our free hosting.

como faço para apagar o site?

From cPanel :slight_smile:

You hit on website, go to Settings > General > Delete website.

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