Need German Translation for App

I have an app that needs a German language string table. I already have Chinese and French. Let me know if you are willing to do that for me.

I’ll give you a free license for helping me out.

Free security cam software license code if you want to do this for me.

Just download text file here and replace items in quotes with translated language and email back to me at alan @

Do you have a translation? When not, i help you.

I also help you.

ok the file is above please send with the translation if you can please.
If any questions just send a private message and I’ll give you my email address or just get it off the above web address.
Thanks again.
Will give anybody who helps a free license for program.

Did you write this script?

No the script is generated by program IDE when I build the program.
Or did you mean the program? If so , yes I wrote the program.

Do you understand what I was needing?

Do you need a Translation or not? I offer you my help in February!

Yes, please take this file and replace the English phrases in quotes with german.