Need help About affiliates


Hello, everyone, I’m new here.
I’m creating affiliate account on 000webhost and one person open account using my Referrals link. But after 3 weeks it’s nothing change Status on My Referrals. It shows pending.


@ckhawand will get back to you shortly :slight_smile:


Hey you have one referral 3 weeks ago, your referral will remain pending until the conditions shown above in the panel are met.

When you reach 20 active referrals you can claim a payout :slight_smile:


Currently the person you referred

Hasn’t been a member for 1 month yet

They have verified their email address

They’ve created a URL

They have no content

They have no visitors

They have not been suspended

Referral doesn’t appear to have been created by you :slight_smile:

Three conditions still to make before they become active unfortunately :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile: