Need help. I might have skipped "move" step when upgrading to new cpanel


Could anyone help me with the move from old to the new servers. I think I might have missed the “move” bit before I deleted the old account. I changed the www CNAME to (nameservers are the same) but it still brings me to the landing page with: “Since May 1, 2017 your website should be switched to new members area.
If you still need your website follow instructions below.”

domain: -

Please advise and thank you very much for your help in advance.
All best


Check out this tutorial:

And if you need further help, don’t hesitate to post back! :wink:


Hi ckhawand,
Thank you for your reply. Could you please help me to isolate the issue?
I have the files on new server already, it is the DNS on 123reg that I have concerns about.
How this needs to be set?
On 123reg I use nameservers and / are parked. I also added www CNAME and pointed it to
Would you be able and see if this is correct setup. My problem is that opens fine but and go to migration landing page.
I’m not sure what is wrong any help is appreciated.


You just had to wait some time!
Issue fixed :wink:


@gr8blondino Your custom domain loads fine.

Clear your browser cache and data and then try again,
or try the below tutorial,


Thank you very much, it seems that DNS is slow on our corp network. I can open it.
I have one more question and I would be grateful if you could answer it.
I previously before the 000webhost migration I have been using google for email so I have MX records pointing to gmail.
Do I need to set anything on the 000webhost?

Thank you both once again. :slight_smile:


@gr8blondino Go to “Set web Address” – “Manage” – “Set MX Record”.
And click on “Set Google MX”.


This is exactly what I wanted. Thank you very much :slight_smile: Your help is much appreciated.
All best