Need help on my site


Hello I registered my free domain @freenom linked with O00webhost…now the problem I really dunno how to go about the site it brings this up…and again how will upload my content on the site please help


Hi @adeyemco!

To upload content to your website, go to 000webhost cPanel > File manager > Upload files now :wink:

Or, if you have more files/folders you need to upload, you can connect to your website FTP using a FTP client, such as FileZilla. Please follow this tutorial to use this method:

Please make sure you upload all your files in /public_html, as that is the only folder available to the browser.


What did it mean by index.php file or html


index.php and index.html are the default documents loaded by 000webhost and displayed to the client.

For example, if you have in your website’s root a file named index.php, that document will be outputted to the browser.


So all i need is to upload to my site then it will work fine


Yes, upload it to /public_html and it should work fine :wink: