Need help with ftp please learning Web Design


Would you please explain what host is for logging into filezilla?
Host_____________ username ____________ Password _________________


Hello, the host must be user you must put the name that you put to the hor to create the host and the same password of the website


FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Details:


Username: (Part before

Password: (Website Password)

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please tell me what is hor?


Hi @Opulent.Woman!

He probably meant host.

You can access your website content using two methods:

  1. Using our File Manager: 000webhost cPanel > locate website > Manage files > Upload files now

  2. Using a FTP client. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and it is designed to transfer files between more clients and a server. In our case, between your client and your website. There are more FTP clients, but we offer tutorials for FileZilla. It’s easy to set it up :wink: