Need solution for not loading website



i am in the middle of customizing my wordpress website theme when suddenly it cannot load (just keep loading).
i already tried to :

  • delete .htaccess
  • renamed plugins folder
  • renamed themes folder
  • turn off Cloudflare’s page rules and automatic TTL&HTTP proxy
    but still it won’t load >,<
    anyone can help me?

my website:
thank you.


Hi did you install any plugin or did only a lot of customisation?


yes i did installed and activated the theme’s required & recommended plugins.

however i did FTP to renamed the plugins folder already and no effect, still cannot access the website.


So what plugins you installed?


Please check


hey, it seems highly possible that this is the reason, somehow now i can access the website. is there anywhere in the cpanel we could see the current concurrent connect or queries to the database? thank you


They cool down automatically so you can try opening your website and currently it is working fine on my end