Need Whitelist of server's IP address

The creator of a plugin that I’ve installed on my Wordpress site is suggesting I get the Plugin’s licensing server’s IP address whitelisted for it to work. Currently, it will not work. They’re also saying to Check with your host and make sure cURL is enabled - this is a transfer data tool required for the activation and deactivation process.

Please help.


We don’t block outbound packets to certain IP addresses. What is the name of the plugin and the error you are experiencing?

“Warning - Some of the Products could not be installed” is the message I get when trying to activate Thrive Architect.

Thrive Architect is part of the Thrive Product Manager plugin.

Thrive PM-scrnsht2

Try making a new site and if that fails you’ll need to use other hosting sadly as we cannot whitelist/blacklist or control anything like that for free plan users.

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