New CPanel - Lost features


I lost all my configurations with the new CPanel, now I lost also a old feature.

When you changed the CPanel, I lost a feature of subdomain.
My site is: “

The old CPanel I created:” -> link automatic (“”)

Now I have just one possibility:” (subdomain)

How do I make the subdomain with “wap” example?


James, I read the tutorial before put my topic.
The tutorial don’t explain my doubt.
Can you help me?


Does the tutorial not work for you?

What control panel are you using?


No. Don’t work.
I am using the default control panel.

I want create a subdomain for my site. I don’t want use a free subdomain.
My site is “”.
I want create a subdomain “” for my site.
This subdomain will go to the “” automatically.
In the old CPanel, it worked.


If you own like then login to whoever you bought the domain from and edit your records and add a new one called wap and point it at your site then create folder on 000webhost called wap and upload the wap files into it and then when you load it will load and display files


Ok James. Thanks.
I have a folder wap in my site with the files.
How do I add a new one called wap and point it at my site?


Where did you get your domain?


James, I got my domain in
But, I have my account in 000Webhost since 2008.
And sometimes I lost my configurations (inactivity) and I had to create again my subdomain, but I always created in old CPanel.


James? Where are you?


I think may be this can help you!!!

if you want “wap” as a subdomain for your domain “

then chk this:-

Click in yellow highlighted area to expand

'This will help you create a sub domain "wap"
Then upload all wap related files to “wap” subdomain (upload directory “public_html” of ‘wap’ sub domain)

after you can go to:-” and you can browse “wap”

If i’m correct this will definitely work.


Thanks very much @akhilkumar332, it worked.
You save me.
Really it is not very intuitive.
But in old CPanel is easier than new CPanel.