New design and all my website now is gone!


Ok so just 20 minutes before, I use the old design 000webhost and suddenly it says “Database cancelled or something” then I refresh and it’s all new design and all my website is gone! ALL OF IT! ALLLLLLLL!!! NOW WHAT?


What was your website?


It’s still online but no more in 000webhost


Yes what is your domain please?

The old panel is being phased out eventually so your account might be automatically put onto the new panel I’m not 100% sure yet.



It would appear that your domain still being online is a good thing and that your account is probably being transferred to the new panel.

So when you login to the old panel what is happening or what comes up?


@SyazAmirin i can tell that your domain is using cloudflare namerservers. This is an edge case in account migration logic. Cloudflare namerservers are not 000webhost nameservers. Domains that are not pointing to 000webhost nameservers are not moved automatically to new panel. Because I believe you have a copy of your website, so you can setup it again in new panel, right?


Oh ok but how? I don’t know how to… really really sorry.


@SyazAmirin Here is how to restore your WordPress site:

  1. Upload all files to ‘public_html’
  2. Re-create and restore your database. (You can use phpMyadmin to restore your database backup via “Import” section).
  3. Check wp-config.php file and update your MySQL database configuration (in case the database name or password is different)

After completing these steps, don’t forget to update your DNS. A guide on how to do that can be found here.


@SyazAmirin you can access old panel with this link


It does not work anymore.


Have you created a new account in the new panel and uploaded your data again?


Oh sorry but my website got suspended because of 20+ CPU usage or something… hell…