New page is not showing and new post is also not updating


My website is

New post and new page not showing after creating , is it the problem of hosting or theme.


@Dilip619 I don’t see any other pages except “Home”.
I suggest check wordpress related tutorials on this topic.


But after adding a new page its not showing, I tried several times its not working.


can you post screenshot?


no screenshot needed I think, it shows published but it will not publish , I am learning now , but I am having lots of problem in this even my site SSL also gone now it is also another problem.
Could u please check and make my site work properly. I want to buy hosting please give me your whatsapp up no. Thank u.


Since no screenshot provided, I will assume a theme issue- try another theme.


OK I will try later because I dont have computer,
But I don’t know why my site again showing not secured everything good after adding to cloudflare but now its showing not secure.


You mention CloudFlare but your site doesn’t appear to have CloudFlare setup.



How to know its active on cloudflare or not, it showing active, actually my .tk domain cancelled and I bought again and again I link the domain and on cloudflare but don’t know whats happened.
Thank u



You need the nameservers to be set to the CloudFlare ones no?


yes now cloudflare not active now it showing name servers move away reactivate. But now my problem solved without cloudflare now google not showing not secure. Google got enlightened. Crazy technology.


when I click on home button it will appear like this do u know what is the reason. And thanks for the quick replay, I am planning to buy hosting I will definitely buy with u only. Thanks for your support. 000webhost is the best hostinger in the world.




As @Infinity showed, dig shows your nameservers as 000webhost’s. Are you sure you have set your nameservers correctly where you bought your domain?


yes, if not how will the domain works


I am unable to change my theme, even if I change the theme the old theme remains and I am unable to post a new page and new post.


New theme is not updating and post and page also not updating please tell me what’s the problem sir.


Is it .com or .tk?
I’m a little confused.

What is your 000WEBHOSTAPP URL?