New panel and email forwarder


I see your domain is still pointing to old panel

You may need to visit your registrar like GoDaddy etc, remove the nameservers and, clear your DNS, remove all the other records and re-add and


Hi Infinity,

Thanks for reminding as I noticed that my website is not working.
If I re-add ns01.000webhost, will it make my webmail not working?
My domain is from Godday.
I remember before I had the issue that my webmail was not working after I set the ns01.000webhost. Just forget how I fixed it before.


I know that the email is disabled on free accounts; but free email forwarding is available once setup.


You have set your domain up on the new panel yes?


yes. I did set the park domain.


No worries removing your DNS records at registrar and pointing your domain to and and it should come up soon.


Will my webmail work?


Where is your webmail currently managed?


If using 3rd party services like GoDaddy or Zoho for email then don’t change nameservers, you’d be better off with using the CNAME method.

Then head over to GoDaddy etc and leave the nameservers at default probably GoDaddy then add CNAME record for www to then redirect to using a redirect.

Just make sure to remove old records like A records which 000webhost used for the old system which no longer uses that method; is no longer used.


Sorry just back.
My webmail is managed by godday.


You mean add a CNAME record and put the host name (, pinots


Yes I believe so.

I think there is a tutorial in the tutorials section for using CNAME to point.


Hi Infinity,

I did follow that tutorials
But the message said " There is nothing yet" when I visit the homepage.


What does your set-web-address under look like?

A few registrars struggle with CNAME correctly working and usually I would suggest to revert to nameservers but since you need webmail I won’t say to do that.

We need to find a way to point CNAME for not


I set a point domain and saved it.
But the page said that you have not added any domains yet.


Odd so you don’t see your domain listed?

Are you getting any error message top right of screen while adding your domain like
"CNAME must point to before we can add" etc


I got that message before save.
The tutorirals said for Godday I should use www for host and I followed that instruction.


Yeah but some registrars do struggle to make it work properly, what we need to do now is somehow make non-www work using CNAME on GoDaddy


Oooh can you redirect to
If that makes any sense?


Not sure what this is doing.
Is there anyone else who have domain from Godday ever succeed on this emigration yet?