New panel and email forwarder


A quick search reveals not many, but I’m sure it worked for me when I used that tutorial.

You need to set your CNAME correctly for 000webhost to pick it up and allow you to point your domain and have it listed within under set web address.

Once that is done, redirect using GoDaddy forwarding.


Confused should I follow it or disregard?


If you can use “set web address” and point your domain and it lets you add it to the list and link it to your account then great.
If you can use www. and non www without using the redirection then great - disregard it.


Hi Infinity,

Could you please advise how to point my domain?


Right getting somewhere.

I’ve just setup a new domain with CNAME and so far so good I think I just need to wait for DNS to settle.

Step one bought domain - from GoDaddy
Step two point CNAME www - and point * to

Step three flush DNS or wait a few hours cmd.exe /ipconfig flushdns using Google DNS see Tutorials
Step four headed over to “Set Web Address” and pointed my domain and it added it to the list.


Okay from my end I can access


I can access WWW FINE

But NON-WWW will not load for ME

So I could say this may be DNS resolving issue OR maybe not.
You could leave your site for up to 48 hours to see if NON - WWW starts working.

INSTEAD I will just use GoDaddy forwarding to FORWARD HTTP://MYSITE.COM TO HTTP://WWW.MYSITE.COM


Yep now NON-WWW is being redirected to WWW version and my site works fully in my opinion.

I’m heading off now will be back on tomorrow, hope you get it sorted.


Hi Infinity,

For step 2: your records shows 4 CNAME entry, is it Ok if just 1 entry with the www point to Ok?


One should suffice I guess if you just want but two if you want both to work maybe?

CNAME: www value:
CNAME: * value :

So www and *

So & should load that way maybe.

Else revert to using forwarding after DNS resolves and one of them doesn’t work etc.

#50 not working for me. is working fine for me.


Keep that record, but make one like the one below in addition. Then you will have two records and WWW and non-WWW will work without redirect. Then remove the redirect.

"@" points to ""

Of course, without quotes. If GoDaddy does not allow @ records, replace @ with