New referral commission


Hi, i couldn’t find the full terms of the affiliate programme, what is a commission amount per one active referral? I see that there is a bonus payout per each 20,40,60,100 referrals, but what is net income per one?


Welp, the more you get, the more % you get :slight_smile:


Thanks for that, but my question was - what exact comission do I get per one active referral. Thanks in advance!


Well, it depends on what goal you want to claim :slight_smile:


So i only get the income when reaching a goal? So let’s say i do 20 new active referrals - how much do I get?


Per active user I’d say 0.5$.


So if I get it right, maximum I can get 200 usd per month if I do 100 referrals? Or is it 200 usd per each 100 referrals? How much do I get if I bring 500?


The maximum is 200$ per 100 active user, means 2$ per active user.


So how much do I get if I bring 500?



Can anyone answer what would be the revenue if I bring for example 500 active referrals?


For 500 active referrals, you would claim 1000$, so 2$ per user :wink:


Sorry for being so annoying) The last question, is it counted per calendar month? so If I do 200 this month I’d have 2$ per user and if I do 20 next month I’d have 0,5$ per user?


Nope, user count does not get reset every month, you add cumulate any amount of users, and claim that goal whenever you want at the same rate


Great, thanks a lot.