[NEW] Stable File Manager

You will need to wait until you’ve regained FTP/File Manager access for you to upload this, in the future once uploaded you can avoid FTP interruptions by using Stable FM.

Not being able to access your files via FTP/File manager… That sucks, right?

We hear you guys! That’s why we’ve decided to work on a PHP File Manager (based off Tiny File Manager) that will guarantee 24/7 access to your files (provided your website is accessible), no matter the status of the FTP Servers!

Without any further ado, let’s get started!

How to get it

  1. Go to https://teamdrago.xyz#stablefm

2. Hit on “Click here”

3. Upload the ZIP file to the file manager (https://files.000webhost.com)


  1. Extract it


  1. Move it to wherever you want it to be

  2. Edit the file to pick a username and a password


  1. Visit <your domain>/<path to the file manager>.
    For example: https://example.000webhostapp.com/file-manager.php

How to use it

  1. Login using the username/password you set previously


  1. Let’s explain the buttons

1 - Edit file
2 - Delete file
3 - Rename file
4 - Copy/Move file
5 - View file in browser
6 - Download file

  1. Discover it yourself/ask us about anything you’d like!

Some cool features in particular about this file manager; you can use hotkeys like CTRL S to save, etc…

Yes! Those will be pushed over-the-air to you. The file manager will automatically notify you when a new update is available!

Lastly, enjoy your new, stable, fast and smooth file manager!

  • 000webhost moderators

If users could make sure they select a very secure password, even username if you wanted to protect yourself.
If an unauthorised user guessed a simple password they can delete all your files and upload their own so be sure, be secure.


Updates discontinued due to some issues + no more time to develop it.
It should still work amazing though :slight_smile:

Good news! This project has been revived!

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its the best FTP manager, really really thanks for save my life <3


This is amazing useful if you have two sites and mangeing both at the same time :slight_smile:

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This is pretty good. i like it!