New to php, mysql


I’m trying to upload a php, mysql script/database to my free 000webhost site. I have no idea what I’m doing.
I have never worked w/ php before. I do know basic html and normally use webpage-maker to make my websites then upload them to 000webhost. However I want to make a new website and it is all php/mysql.
the instructions say to do the following:
a. Create a new database
b. Create a new database user
c. Add the new MySQL user to the database, giving the MySQL user all
d. Upload all the script files to your server

I can only get to b. because do users have all privileges by default? If they don’t where do I change that? I looked around but couldn’t find it.

Second question. I assumed all privileges were the default so I found an upload option in the import section, is that where I upload? I got a message that says the file is too big but all the files in the whole folder of the script is only 96MB and 000webhost says max 1gb.

I’m sure there’s a tutorial somewhere here but I haven’t found it yet. So if someone can point me to it that would be awesome. Also any (english language) youtube videos would be awesome too.

I’ve looked on youtube for videos for 000webhost but they’re talking about creating tables and doing other things that i don’t understand.

Thanks for any help and advice you can give.


Creating the database and user automatically assigns the user and permissions. In response to your second question, the upload section under import is where you upload your database. This database is the one that you (hopefully) exported from your old host, and the limit for that is 2mb. The 1GB refers to the storage space you have on your website for files, which can be uploaded through the File Manager. Hope this helps!


aaaah i see. So I guess there’s no way to get this php database onto 000webhost then. at least not using the free version.
Thank you so much.


I assume the limit is more than 2mb w/ a paid hosting? If so, how much. I’m currently looking around now but am tired so my brain isn’t working. Thanks.


The maximum upload size for databases on premium is 256mb.