New to web host - how to change to different web templates/folders?


Hi All,
I have created 2 website designs and which I have uploaded to File Manager - stored in 2 folders under public_html.
One design is created using Zyro templates, and the other is from Sharepoint Designer.
Question is: How do I get to switch or change my published website between these 2 designs?


Do you want to change design 1 to design 2 and design 2 to design 1?


Thanks ckhawand,

I want to have the ability to switch between the 2 designs, and then publish either one - linked to the same subdomain.


Changing the templates? it can be done by switching the name of the main design you want say you want you want to use template 1 then name it to index.html or .php and the design 2 to other name, when you want to switch to design to do the same but switching places


is that what you wanted?


Sorry, no, the question is not able switching template or creating different designs.
But I hit the issue with “publishing it under the same subdomain”.

I already have 2 designs done - 1 using ZYRO template (so no issues here with switching and storing different templates under ZYRO), the 2nd design using Sharepoint Designer (which I have successfully uploaded the files to public.html in 000webhost).

Now I have only 1 subdomain registered.
So I want to experiment “publishing” the 2 different templates under this 1 subdomain – of course, not at the same time, but different times.


You can put each one in a different directory and create a file called index.php in public_html
Add the following content to it

  $template = $_GET['template'];
  header("Location: /$template");

Then you access


Hi @AnnaY!

It is possible but it depends how exactly do you want to switch the websites, and when.

Do you want them to be switched randomly, do you want them to be switched when client inputs a specific address, etc…?