Newbie wow -can't find cPANEL


Newbie having problem in 2017 - some posts are close to 10 years old, and it sure looks like things have changed at 000webhost … like everywhere else.

There’s a nice simple banner up top, but although I have a site up and running, I cannot find cPanel no matter how hard I look. I’ve tried appending /cpanel to other URL’s - no joy.

Has it been “retired” for free accounts? The only thing I’d REALLY like off of it is the ability to set up an inbound-only email box. Specifically info@ my site name.

The “5 crayons” (really minimal options) that I see allow me to forward an address somewhere, but one would think that it needs to be set up first. When I mailed to it, it did not forward, but I didn’t get a “bounce message” either.

So, can someone help?


@tpumr Only new panel

You can check these tutorials on how to set up email forwarding.