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I haven’t opened my website
for a while. Today I’ve got a message that it’s down.
It shows message “website is Website is no longer available. The authors have deleted this site.”
I am positive I did not delete it, and nobody else has access to it.
When I tried to login to system tells me the logins details are incorrect. I tried to reset password, but did not receive any emails with resetting link.
Please help!

Hello. Unfortunately website has been deleted due to Account inactivity one month ago. Please read this topic for more information:

I did not receive any email notifications.
I have a copy of my website on the local computer, so I can restore it.
I created an account with the same username and password, but when I tried to recreate my website system tells me this name is taken.
Is this a way to fix it?

We are aware that some of our customers did not receive the notification email, most likely due to our mailing servers being blacklisted. We recommend our customers to check the spam folders as well.

Unfortunately no, we’re not allowing names which were previously used. A whitelist feature may come in future however our developers have other priorities right now. We recommend you to register a domain and link it to your site instead. You can grab one cheap at Hostinger or from Freenom (there are free ones as far as I remember) :slight_smile:

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