Nicost - deletion

My website has disappeared, when I try to load it I get the following message:

Website is no longer available

The authors have deleted this site.

The url are

I don’t know what happened because I haven’t deleted it. How can I restore it?

Hello, checking that URL I can see it was suspended on "2020-01-24 02:03:41
I can see an email was sent to the registered address on "2020-01-24

After seven days websites are deleted automatically by the system if not appealed by the webmaster.
In this case there was no appeal received unfortunately and the website was removed.

All backups are responsibility of the learner and not 000webhost.

Feel free to create a new website using alternative naming if required.

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Hi Infinity. I’ve just checked and the email was on the spam folder, that’s why I hadn’t seen it. Anyways, it doesn’t say that after a week it’ll be deleted. Isn’t there any way I can recover it? Maybe ansering the email?

Apologies, but the data is 100% removed, you can email if you want but they’ll likely tell you the same story.

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