No index.html file in extract


Hello, I downloaded my back up files as per instructions from hostinger and upload to public folder, however, message says " You see this page because your website doesn’t have " index.php " or " index.html " file in public_html folder. ( Below you can see your current files in public_html folder."

I dont understand why this is or why the index.html is not present? Please help.


The files in public_html are the ones shown to your visitor first.

I’ve moved them into the correct directory.

If you are using Zyro it is likely if you open Site Builder you won’t see your site ready to edit, best to take a backup file from Hostinger Zyro inside the Site Builder and then import this file into the Site Builder on 000webhost.


Thank you! Is the only way to keep my original domain and remove from my domain address to upgrade?


What is your original domain sorry?