No me cargan todos los diseños en mi pagina web creada en 000webhost hecha en wordpress


Hola tengo un problema no he podido dormir por hacer esto, pude conectar mi base de datos con un archivo que se llama wp-config cambiándoles algunos parámetros pero antes una de las soluciones que vi en Internet fue también hacer un respaldo de la base de datos de wordpress y pasarlo a la base de datos de 000webhost no funciono el problema seguía igual me salia un mensaje error conexion de base de datos no establecido en ingles, hasta que le corregí bien el archivo y aplique los cambios en filezilla, pero no me cargan todos los diseños que les hice, asi no se veia en la plantilla que le descargue cuando lo hice en wordpress, dejare un enlace aqui para que vean que no corre:

Vean que me falta, que debo corregir, por favor ayúdenme no quiero desvelarme más.


Hi what changes you did in wp-config file?


I changed the
define (DB_USER)
define (DB_PASSWORD)
define (DB_HOST) "I put localhost"
now I get the page but I do not get all the styles or design, they only come out when I have the xamp on my computer, I think that in mysql hostname you have to change that localhost, as I look for what should go there, since what I made it was from the database of 000webhost that you create, import a sql file that you export from the wordpress database where you create the web page


Hi sql file doesn’t contain any styles or designs it only contains are data. For style and designs you have to import your full website from xampp to 000webhost to make it successfully work with design


But do not you care about everything for filezilla? because that’s what I did, and where I look for the sql file is it in phpadmin or in the files uploaded to 000webhost?


sorry if you see misspellings I’m using google translator


Do one thing copy the whole folder of your website from xampp and then upload it to 000webhost using filezilla or file manager and then open your database and import the .sql file of your database which you have in xampp.
Reply with results :slight_smile:


But should I specifically import a styles file or from the wordpress or should I import everything again? - If it is a specific file as the folder is called?


Upload whole website again and overwrite current files


Ok, I’m going to do it again, I just hope it works because this has already stressed me


Don’t worry we are here :wink:


It worked for me I thank you so much more than anything for having taken the trouble to answer


No problem :slight_smile:
Do post again anytime :wink: