No puedo acceder al constructor de zyro

Buenas tardes, he creado un sitio gratuito y a la hora de acceder al constructor me redirecciona a zyro.

Para que construya mi web desde zyro directamente añadiendo incluso un subdominio de zyro teniendo ya uno en 000webhost

Hello. The website builder is Zyro…
Please clear your browser cache and try again. If the issue persists, could you please post screenshots with the problem?

Hi there, the new Zyro would require you to host with them instead of 000webhost.
You can still use WordPress or File Manager on 000webhost to upload your own website template / CMS instead.
Custom domain with Zyro will require a payment - you can find more information via their website or live chat.
Custom domain with 000webhost is still currently free :slight_smile:

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