No puedo hacer back up de mi pagina web


Yo varias veces hice back up de mi sitio web “” pero ahora no encuentro la opción.: 'Make Backups Available for Download’
Mi computadora se dañó y necesito recuperar mi sitio web.
Yo tampoco encuentro el soporte técnico para enviar tickets como en el pasado.

I repeatedly back up my website “” but now I can not find the option: 'Make Backups Available for Download’
My computer was damaged and I need to recover my website.
I also do not find technical support as in the past.
Thank you.


I don’t think backups are available for free accounts you need premium for that?

If you do get the option please screenshot and pos there.


Varias veces mi computadora se dañó y pude recuperar la página web mediante backu up. Ahora no encuentro la opción ni dónde enviar tickets.
Several times my computer was damaged and I was able to recover the web page through back up. Now I can not find the option or where to send tickets.


Again I think backup feature is no longer available/ completely removed.

What is your website address?


Website address


Your site appears to be online and working fine

Here is a free way to backup your site since you need premium to do it now on the control panel