Not getting email when someone fills out contact form


I am new to 000webhost and new to setting up a website. I am not a programmer and do not have many coding skills or know php. I was hoping I could just follow directions/tutorials and figure out how to get my contact form on my site to work, but so far no luck.

default site name;

I created a contact page, added to it the contact form from WP Forms Lite, added the plug-in WP Mail SMTP, then tried to follow this article to get the contact form to work:

I was a bit concerned about setting my primary email to be accessed by “less secure apps” so I created a new gmail address and tried to use that one. This new email I used on WP Mail SMTP is not the email address associated with my account on 000webhost or with my wordpress account. Is that a problem?

If not where can I find more info on how to get my contact form to work?


If you created a new email address and set less secure apps then it should be fine even though it is not related to your 000webhost account.


You could try this page

(while logged into the new email)


I keep getting an error, “There was a problem while sending the test email” when I try to send a test email.


on the WP Mail SMTP mail configuration page, I put my new email in the box where it says “From email”. It’s a gmail address.
On the mailer, I checked “other SMTP”
under SMTP host I put
Encryption is SSL
SMTP port 465
AUto TLS is on.
Authentication was originally off…I changed it to on and added my gmail username and password.

Now the test email goes through, but I still do not get an email when a message is sent thru the contact form on the site.


Okay, the contact form email finally came through…it just had a few minutes delay but I got it. Glad to see that is fixed.