Not receiving any emails


Hi all,

I don’t seem to be able to receive messages to my inbox. I have an external domain name, I set the DNS servers from my domain cp to point to, The website works fine, however, since I opened the account, a few years ago, I was never able to make it work. I can send messages to other email addresses, but not receiving any email. Please, can anyone help?


Can you confirm the panel you use?


If you are on the old panel then email has been disabled which is why you can SEND but not RECIEVE emails.

You need to upgrade to new panel for free.


Thanks for your response. My panel is blue, so I must be using an older panel how to upgrade to the new panel?



Hi I have deleted my site and uploaded it again, however, it only shows on my computer. It doesn’t seem to show if other people trying to access it. I also have created an email address, but no use of it, I can’t find how to access it in order to write or recieve emails.


@Herroman What is your domain name??
Email option is no more available on the new panel.
But instead you can use Email Forwarders.

Or you can gapps, zoho as your mail services.


Oh, got a bigger problem now. My second site (, after backing up my WordPress ste and database using backup.php from Migrating to new panel tutorial it seems i can’t unzip the files back to public_html. Also, I couldn’t import the old database back from the newly created database in the new control panel.
I was able to zip the file using backup.php and it showed Satus: Successfuly created achive zipper-2017-04-18–, downloaded the zip folder from the cp yesterday, and today I have probably lost my site.


While doing the backup once you download onto your PC open it on your PC and extract it and make sure all your files are there before deleting your account.

Now once through the tutorial, upload your files from the backup ZIP if you can’t extract them using the tool.