Not receiving email from contact form



This is Dhaval, i have a domain from 1and1 which I am hosting at 000webhost site. Site has been designed and published and running fine.

I get a free one email account from 1and1 so I am using info@primehouseproductions dot com. I added MX record info to web host cpanel>web adress>manage>set mx records. This email account can send and receive email right now but it will not receive email from contact form that I created on website using web builder. contact from is on contact page of mysite.

I added my personal email to test and I do get email at my personal email. I just don’t get email from contact form from website at info@primehouseproductions

Can you please help or let me know what I can do to fix this. Thanks


You are using the website builder or a coded one?


Hi I am using website builder …contact form

I tested inserting my hotmail, other emails from 1and1 along with gmail - it seems contact form only sent email to my gmail… did not get an email at hotmail or other 1and1 email accounts (I used 3 accounts from 1 and1)


Maybe they are blocking 000webhost emails :slight_smile:


How is that possible? I put in hotmail along with 1and1 email account - Hotmail would not block right ?

Only gmail account is getting email from contact form.

Is there anyone here who can help??

Otherwise I will switch to third party contact form.


Try jotform -