Not updating my WP


When I tried to update my WP to 5.0.3 I got this message.
What should I do?
Really appreciated for the answers.


Good day!

Please try again now.


I couldn’t succeeded updating.


Try logging into the 00000webhost file manager and changing the /wp-admin/css directory permissions


Ok.i will do it.


Which permission to set up,all ticked . please tell me.
Also Same issue I’m having also plugins not updating as well I try to add another theme but I couldn’t succeeded it.



Your inodes quota is at 99.15%, I think this is the reason why your Wordpress is not updating.

I have repaired your site, please try again now. If the issue persists, you’ll need to delete some files from your site, or move on to a paid plan.


Ic.updating gives error still,let me think for upgrading then👍

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