Notice saying I've reached max number of databases on free hosting account

Hello all.
I have a free hosting account for web development testing.

My URL is:

I made 2 databases for this site, but then deleted one and wanted to make another one. Currently I only have 1 database, however, when I go to make another one, it tells me I have reached the maximum allowed databases (despite it actually saying 1/2 databases).

I did not include a screenshot as this is pretty self explanatory.

What I’ve tried to fix this already:
I have done a search in the forum, and others have the same problem. One of the suggestions was to do a reset, but I am using the other database and do not want to delete and start over by reseting all databases.

Thank you


Each one of your sites holds two databases already, which is the imposed limit. If you don’t see them please clear your browser cache and load your site again :slight_smile:

If you still face the issue unfortunately the reset option would be advised.

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