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I followed the steps to use free ssl using cloudflare and my website is now broken. Try visiting by yourself. How can I FIX this? I tried unlinking the domain name but no luck.

My website loads very slowly, I know the issue isnt from my internet. Is that because free hosts have slow servers?

After I changed my domain name, my website is blocked by browsers stating its not secure! How can I fix this?

Good day!

You have deleted the website, therefore we are unable to investigate eventual issues.

I did not, that was actually the issue, you think its deleted but its not loading. Anyway I was able ti fix, but I wasnt able to fix the VERY SLOW loading times! How can I fix that!

In this case the domain was linked to the wrong website. I apologize for misunderstanding.

Your website is a Wordpress one. Regarding why your site is loading slowly, please read this topic: Rate Limiting Policy

I dont have much on my website, plus these numbers arent good even for a free host! You push users in every way to paid hosting??!!

The website deosnt work anymore now.

I see your site is loading fine and it appears you’ve configured WordPress & CloudFlare without issue.

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Free plans are not configured nor designed to serve ~6.5 MB per page instantly.

The things you can do are minimizing the number of plugins/images your website is processing/serving. If that doesn’t help, your only choice with us is to buy a paid plan.

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