Old domain still redirect to the migrating page


my old site is:

after i upload my site to the new server i’ve got this url:

and even i’ve added new sub-domain (as the old halchalatalmid.webege.com)- the old domain stil shows me the ‘migrating page’

please help!

p.s. when ive tried to add differnet sub-domain - it worked but when i choose the old url as sub-domain - it happens again.


Your website is loading fine from here.

Just clear your browser cache, flush your DNS, and try again :wink:


for 1 sec it worked and then again.


I tried it several times. It is working: http://halchalatalmid.webege.com

Restart your browser if the problem persists. Or your PC… Or your best bet: wait a little longer :wink:


Use google DNS and then try again.