Old members area reset password problem


I can’t login to cpanel.
Several times I have tried to reset my password but more than a week I don’t receive email from 000webhost.com.
So, I can’t send support ticket.
Can you help me to solve my issue?


Anyways, you cannot access your account because you do not remember the password? Do you remember the email? Also, which panel are you on (identified by the picture below)?


Yes. I remember. My login e-mail: niki_mail@abv.bg. It is for old members area.


I’ll look into it with an admin :slight_smile:


Has this been resolved?



Your domain is still showing the migration page which means you must migrate it using the tutorial.

Using the forgotten password link request a password reset.

The login email you gave niki_mail@abv.bg doesn’t exist on the old control panel nor the new control panel.

The forum email you are using : niki_mail@mail.bg

Has an old control panel account that has yet to be migrated by yourself.


Sorry! My actual email is niki_mail@mail.bg, as you mentioned!
But when I try to reset my password using niki_mail@mail.bg, I don’t receive any email from 000webhost.com containing reset link or so.
Thank you!


Have you checked spam etc?


Yes! I’ve checked spam folder