.ong.br subdomain not allowed


Hey everyone, I’m trying to change my domain (which actually is “adpd.000webhostapp.com”) to “adpd.ong.br” (the Brazilian subdomain to Non-Profit Organizations, just like the “.ngo”. You can check more about it on Wikipedia). I alredy bought it and I have full access to it.

But actually when I try to park the domain to the 000webhost manager, a error screen appears. “Entered Domain Contains Subdomains Which Is Not Allowed”. Can you help me please? Thanks.


Can you confirm the domain is “adpd.ong.br” to be added?
I can only make a ticket to developers and unsure how long it would take for them to resolve this issue.


Thank you. And yes, I do confirm the domain is adpd.ong.br


Hey, I just upgraded to a premium account. It is not needed anymore. By the way, it would be good if you offered support to .ngo and .ong subdomains. Thank you!


Good day!

We’re happy the issue has been solved. We will forward this idea to our developers :slight_smile: