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I’ve been building a free website here, with the intention to (once its finished) replace my old/exsting one with it, By that time i’m considering to upgrade my account, but for now i’m just learning how it all works.

My domain is at

and for days in a row i’ve been getting the following error message when publishing:

Error: Server error (8)

If you see this message, it means that we are already informed and are working on it. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Relax for 5 minutes.
If you see this error once again, please contact us through the “Support“ section (lower left).

I’ve been relaxing for way more than 5 minutes, and i’m now questioning if 000webhost is reliable.
Any advice?


Good day!

I have opened a ticked to our developers. We will reply once the issue is solved.


Do you have a lot of elements by any chance @uscworld?

Try removing some if not required and try publishing?


There is no sollution yet.

Removed some elements on the site (the ones left now are needed), but it still gives the same error.
Then again: a few days ago there were just as many elements and it worked fine.

Please help

By the way: i use zyro, and it worked normally untill a few days ago


We can only wait for a developer to respond sorry.


Okay…any clue as to how long this will aproximately take?


:frowning: unfortunately no estimate I can only apologise.


I understand, but hopefully you can say if it’s gonna take hours or days?


As a moderator on the forum here with no insight into the background of the workings of Zyro at all I can only comment based on the list of priorities they have to do - that being I can only assume it will be a lot longer than you were hoping…


Good day!

I believe the problem is solved now. Please try again.

If you are receiving Website is temporary unavailable. Contact hosting administrator to activate this website. please go to Website Builder and re-publish your website.

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